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Riyadh Plants

IBSF started its journey from Riyadh. With time, we equipped ourselves with the most talented and professional staff to provide eccentric Structural Steel and pre-engineered buildings.

As we grew, our work also flourished driving us to expand more in terms of land and manpower. Today, our expertise is not only limited to Structural Steel & PEB but we also provide, Mechanicals, Plate Work and Process Equipments.

In less than 3 decades, we succeeded in setting up 3 fully operational plants in Riyadh only. 

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Jubail Plant

To become more accessible for our clients, we set up a plant in Jubail as well which is scaled on an area of 120,000 m2. The plant is fully functional to design and fabricate Structural Steel, Plate Works, Process Equipment’s and Mechanicals. It is equipped with state-of-the art technology and highly skilled professionals who are trained and experienced in developing high-quality products.


Riyadh Plants 

Plant 1
Products Structural Steel & PEB
Area 50,000 M²
Covered 35,000 M²
Capacity 2,500 MT/ Month


Plant 2
Products Logistics & Panting
Area 14,000 M²
Covered 9,000 M²
Capacity 1,000 MT/ Month 


Plant 3
Products Cold Form, Single Skin Sheeting & Sandwich Panel
Area 9,000 M²
Covered 6,000 M²
Capacity 15,000M² SP/ Month 100,000M² Single Sheet/ Month


Jubail Plant

Plant 4
Products Structural Steel & PEB
Area 120,000 M²
Covered 30,000 M²
Capacity 2,500 MT/ Month